neil baxter
welcome to rundles cooking classes
Rundles Cooking Classes – located within Rundles Restaurant in the heart of the city of Stratford, Ontario – provide a unique culinary experience for those interested in hands on cooking under the guidance of one of our country’s most celebrated chefs – Neil Baxter.

In addition to teaching the classes, Rundles Cooking Classes are created by Chef Baxter, and therefore, the classes are focused on things he is passionate about: experimentation and tradition, quality and flavor, purity, perfection and pleasure. The menus express Chef Baxter’s energy, curiosity, depth of knowledge, and sense of wonder at the culinary possibilities even he has yet to discover.

Chef Baxter’s character is contagious, and while his classes always welcome new members, an overwhelming number are return guests, some of whom have not missed a year since classes began, in 1984.

Rundles WEEKEND COOKING CLASSES are aimed to be of interest to individuals, or small groups, at all skill levels. The only prerequisite is interest.

Click here to view the Weekend Cooking Class MENUS from the past ten years.

Rundles Weekend Cooking Classes run from March until May.

Chef Baxter is also pleased to offer PRIVATE or CORPORATE COOKING EXPERIENCES for groups of 14 - 20. These classes are created on an individual basis and can therefore be tailored to meet the needs of each unique group, be they team-building or pure entertainment.

Private or Corporate Cooking Experiences may be full weekend classes (from March until May) or single day experiences (from November through May).